What is denatured Gluten?

Denatured gluten is gluten that undergoes a heat treatment process that removes all wheat characteristics in the gluten. It is added to our oat rolls, rice bread and 100% millet loaves to help the bread rise. Denatured gluten can trigger reactions in coeliacs and people with a high gluten intolerance.

Does your Ancient Grain breads contain any wheat?

We produce bread containing spelt flour which is from the wheat family, and therefore has wheat characteristics.

Our other Ancient Grain loaves do not contain added wheat, but may contain traces of wheat since we have spelt flour on the premises.

What Ancient Grains breads contain denatured gluten?

The Oat Rolls, 100% millet and Rice bread.

Are your Ancient Grains breads gluten free?

No, some of the loaves contain denatured gluten, and others contain natural gluten in the flour. Our oat bread is suitable for people who have a mild intolerance to gluten, but not for coeliacs.

Is spelt flour a wheat flour?

Spelt flour comes from a wheat family. We advise that you should not eat spelt if you are allergic to wheat.

Are all of the ingredients in Ancient Grains breads organic?

No, only the flour (and sometimes some other ingredients, e.g. bran) are 100% Certified Organic.

Is the sea salt in your organic bread enriched with iodine?

Our breads don’t contain iodine. As we sell organic bread, we are exempt from needing to add iodine into the bread.